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The basis for our approach is the instructional and leadership coaching model that Elena has written about in her books, as well as the curriculum she has created for team development. These research based strategies for school improvement and adult learning inform our coaching, workshops, and consulting. In addition to the curriculum that we already have, we customize workshops for our clients. Tailoring our offerings to meet your needs, we help you achieve the success that matters most to you.

At the core of transformational coaching is a commitment to social justice and equitable schools. The Bright Morning team is committed to transforming our schools so that every child gets the education they deserve every day, so that the experiences and outcomes for students are not predicted by their home language, zip code, socio-economic status, race or ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Our coaching facilitates transformation of the individuals with whom we work, the institutions in which they work, the lives of the children and communities they serve, and our society as a whole.

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