Coaching Certification Program

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Take your coaching to the next level by immersing yourself in an intensive, year-long program.

Develop transformational coaching during four on-site retreats and stay engaged through virtual learning experiences in-between. You will be a part of a four person “home group” with three others in order to structure onsite learning and in-between session learning.

At the end of the first year, you will be eligible to apply for the Foundational Transformational Coaching Certificate, the Intermediate Transformational Coaching Certificate, or the Advanced Transformational Coaching Certificate.

“This program helped develop me in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you for pouring so much into my growth and development.”

Katie, Instructional Coach, Cohort 1 of Certification Program

“Elena and her team helped our high-achieving, suburban district deepen its focus on equity and sustainable transformation. She trained our administrators and teacher leaders to have the powerful conversations that need to happen to uncover the belief systems within our organization. Elena’s work is well-researched, hopeful, empathetic, and produces measurable results. As her team worked with us, they stayed acutely in touch with our suburban context and helped us to leverage our most impactful entry points. After going through her Art of Coaching Certification Program, we are now more equipped to deepen our district’s focus on creating powerful, transformational learning experiences for students from every background. This work has brought about lasting change for our school district – change that we will continue to build upon and tell stories about for years to come.”

Janet Baird and Kathy Eisenhower, Roseville Joint Union High School District, CA

“It was such a gift to be a part of the coaching program cohort. It has truly changed my trajectory as a leader and coach and I am eternally grateful. I am excited about the work we will continue to do as a team in Phoenix as we strive to grow as transformational coaches.”

Meghan, Phoenix


The ultimate outcome of this program is to acquire the behaviors, beliefs, and ways of being of an advanced transformational coach.

With the Advanced Certificate, you are certified to train others in your school, district or organization in transformational coaching. Please note: the assumption is that the training you provide is part of your job. This certificate does not permit you to offer trainings for profit in the Art of Coaching or in Elena’s model of Transformational Coaching. You will be asked to sign a legal document reflecting this agreement when you enter the program


To participate in this program, you must have read The Art of Coaching and have attended at least one of Elena’s two-day coaching institutes. It is also expected that you have spent at least one year practicing using transformational coaching strategies.


Participants in this program are highly reflective educators who believe in the philosophy and core approaches of transformational coaching. They strive to build healthy, resilient communities that can create just and equitable schools—be they traditional public schools, charters or independent schools. This program is also open to those who work in early childhood education or in organizations that support schools.

Participants in this program are self-directed learners who also thrive in communities of learners. They value collaborative learning and individual reflection and practice. Participants have excellent communication skills and strategies to cultivate their own emotional resilience.

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