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We provide short and long term consulting to site leaders, administrators, program directors and others engaging in school transformation.

“Working with Elena and her team has really encouraged me to consider my role in a different way and helped me grow as a leader. I am much more aware of issues related to equity and this attention has become a normal part of my thought process, which is really important for the students that we serve. I have grown in my work with our instructional coaches and our teachers. Through this work I have come to realize that emotional intelligence is something that you have to continue to develop, meaning you can always grow in this area.”

Christina Wildhagen, Omaha Public Schools

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know until this training on designing coaching programs. Elena guided me and my team in thinking through every aspect of a coaching program. We now have sharp clarity on why some of our efforts weren’t successful, and what we need to do to make our coaching program work. The tools were invaluable, the guidance and direction were essential, and the structured planning time with my team is just what we needed.”

Cheryl, Lincoln, NE

We are available to consult on the following topics and many more:

  • Designing, implementing and evaluating instructional or leadership coaching programs
  • Building professional development programs that facilitate whole school change
  • Creating learning organizations
  • Designing and implementing professional development for teachers, administrators and coaches
  • Transforming dysfunctional staff cultures
  • Creating equitable schools
  • Implementing action research and teacher inquiry projects

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Robert Noakes