Keynote Addresses

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Elena designs each of her keynote addresses to align to the themes of the conference at which she presents, and in response to requests from the organizers.

Watch this video for some highlight from Elena’s 2017 Keynote for New Tech Network.

“I cannot tell you how many people stopped me during the conference to share how meaningful your keynote message was to them. Thank you for helping open up a space in our network to have a more intentional, thoughtful, and explicit conversation about educational equity moving forward.”

Jim May, Chief Schools Officer, New Tech Network

“Elena’s keynote and workshops were practical and spectacular. Her engaging manner, relevant examples and energizing exercises were exactly what we were looking for. She was an excellent facilitator for our group of school administrators. I would recommend her to any group of education leaders.”

Barbara Swanson, Associate Director for Professional Development, New York State Association of Independent Schools

Previous keynote addresses have included:

  • Coaching that Shifts Beliefs and Changes Practice
  • Seven Steps to Creating a True Learning Organization
  • Cultivating Emotionally Resilient Educators
  • Three Keys to Teacher Leadership and One Secret Weapon
  • Coaching that Creates Equitable Schools
  • The Art of Building Equitable Schools
  • How Listening Transforms Schools
  • What Coaching Can Do for Your School

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