Tools for Observing Teachers

I’ve received a number of emails asking for tools that coaches can use to observe teachers. My very simple response is that the best tool is co-constructed with the teacher, aligned to school goals or initiatives, and evidence-based.
Here’s a beautiful example of an observation tool used by one of my coach-colleagues.
Thumbnail image for ObservationTool.jpg
It may not make a whole lot of sense when you look at it–the coach was tracking the teacher’s movements around the room (the meandering lines and squiggles). There’s also a legend on the bottom left.
What isn’t evidence is the conversation that this coach had with her teacher after the observation. The post-observation happen the following hour. I believe it’s very important for the debrief conversation to happen quickly and in person! And the coach reported that it was a rich conversation in which the teacher came to all kinds of self-realizations about her practices.
This is also available for you to download on my website.
Other coaches: What kinds of tools do you use when observing teachers?