I’m a New Coach: Where Do I Start?

Any new coaches out there? Coaching is a wonderfully exciting and complicated craft, and one that can feel overwhelmingly complex when we first step into it. I created a tool, a Quick Coach Self Asmt.docx to help new and novice coaches reflect on their practice and identify their greatest areas of growth. This quick self-assessment also directs you to the chapters and sections of my book where you can start your learning about that area that you want to develop in.
To use it, simply read through the “Domain of Coaching” descriptors, and then rank these domains from the one you feel strongest in to the one you feel is your greatest area for growth. Then you can decide–do you want to start with learning more about that greatest area for growth? Or do you want to refine an area that you already feel strong in?
coach self assmt.png
Hope this helps get you started on your learning!