FREE WEBINAR: Cultivating Resilient Communities

The potential in our experience of collective trauma is collective healing. What is possible now? For our schools, our communities, our relationships? For ourselves? Can we fill our resilience tanks until they are overflowing? Until they spill into the reserves of those who are struggling?

Elena Aguilar and Lori Cohen discuss ways to best cultivate resilience. From booster shots of resilience to imaginal cells, from relationships to questions, check out the video here.

And as promised in the video, here is a FREE Resource for Asking Questions That Build A Resilient Community

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To Read

Read Elena’s blog post on cultivating resilient communities here in times of crisis.

Elena wrote here about how to build resilient teams.

To Watch

In March, Lori and Janet discussed building resilience – below is a link to a blog post (and video) that includes a special activity (in the video) about courage.