What are Resistant Teachers Hiding?

The six masks of resistance

By Elena Aguilar

The more you understand resistance, the easier it’ll be to respond to it. But many coaches struggle with teachers they perceive as resistant because they don’t understand resistance. In addition, resistance is hard because it activates strong and often unpleasant emotions within us. The more we know ourselves, and understand our thoughts and emotions, the better we’ll be at coaching resistance. Whenever you’re uncertain, uncomfortable, in doubt, troubled, confused, or encountering resistance—start with yourself. Seek to better know yourself. 

If you’re looking for structure to help you better know yourself, consider this new group coaching program I’m starting. Understanding your purpose will help you coach resistant teachers. 

And check out the infographic I created! My first infographic ever. I hope it’ll help you remember these ideas. If you find this useful, please share it with a friend or colleague.

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