Bright Morning Podcast Trailer

The Bright Morning podcast, hosted by Elena Aguilar, explores the many ways we can cultivate courage. Elena is a coach, educator and author. She is also the CEO and founder of Bright Morning Consulting, an education consulting firm.

In some episodes, Elena has conversations with guests who reveal the risks they’ve taken and the courage they’ve built. On other episodes, Elena masterfully coaches her guests towards fulfilling their life’s purpose. These intimate and authentic conversations inspire listeners to listen to their own callings and take action in their lives. But they provide even more: they model how we can have conversations that count, and how we can guide others to listen to their inner voice and cultivate courage. Listeners will use these communication skills with their colleagues, clients and loved ones.

This is a podcasts about listening and being fully present with other people, and it’s a podcast about how we live a fulfilling, meaningful life.