FREE Webinar: Grounding In Your Purpose

Ground In Your Purpose

In this video, watch Elena and Lori discuss ways to find your purpose and thrive.

Find Your Purpose and Thrive

Are you seeking more fulfillment, meaning and satisfaction from your work or relationships? Are you contemplating making changes in your life and anxious or uncertain about how to do so? Have you wanted to work with a life coach? Are you craving connection with others who are exploring these questions? Join Elena through a guided group coaching experience! Click here for more information.

Onward Book Club

The Onward Book Club offers a year of monthly book club discussions for individuals and groups, facilitated by Bright Morning Senior Associate, Lori Cohen and monthly special guests. Based on the 12-month curriculum in the book Onward and The Onward Workbook, the book club will provide strategies and practices to help you deepen your resilience. 

With practical, informative, inspirational and relevant activities and guidance, Onward is grounded in science, social science, and psychology, and peppered with Elena’s personal narratives, this book will undoubtedly change the way we think about emotions, stress, and our purpose as educators.  Click here to learn more.