Episode 7: Unfettered Access to My Humanity with Tre Johnson

Tre Johnson is a writer focused on race, class, and culture. He has contributed to Rolling Stone Magazine, Slate, NYT, and many others. In June, just a few weeks ago, he published an article in the Washington Post called, “When black people are in pain, white people just join book clubs.

So we wanted to talk about that, but in preparation for the conversation, I’ve been reading your writing. And it’s beautiful. It’s stunning. I’ve read passages over and over because each time I feel and think something else, something that feels healing and like truth. And your writing is art. You make art. And you also write and speak a lot about art – the art that other people create. And in an interview that you did a couple years ago, about Donald Glover’s music video, This is America, you said, “Art makes people uncomfortable.” Which is what you did so well in your recent article – that we’re going to talk about. You made people uncomfortable. We’re going to come back to your writing and talk directly about it. But the purpose of this podcast is really to pull back the curtain on who we are and what we do. 

And so I want to know a little bit about who you are as a person, and how you came to be.

Listen to find out more about Tre Johnson.

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