Episode 39: The Transformative Power of Food Co-Hosted by Chiara Kupiec

Has a meal ever changed your life? Do you have food traditions that have shaped who you are? Has the sense of taste opened your eyes to a culture in a way that has transformed your understanding of another people? In this week’s grab bag episode Elena is joined by co-host Chiara Kupiec and the two explore meals that expanded their cultural horizons and opened them up to learning about others in ways that transcended language or shared history. 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You want to hear more about how food carries culture, tells stories, connects us to ancestors and place and history. 
  • Food is your love language and you delight in hearing others talk about meals that transformed their relationships. 
  • You want to listen in on a conversation between friends filled with warmth and doses of hope for memories to come.

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