Episode 42: A Lonely Role with Adam Morales [Revisited]

Continuing on with our theme for this season, Elena is catching up with a coachee from season one. This week she’s joined by Adam Morales who recently made an unexpected mid-year move into being the principal. Beyond the specifics of Adam’s situation however, this is an episode that addresses how you coach someone when what they are saying isn’t matching up with how they are physically showing up. 

This episode is for you if:

  • You are a leader or coach leaders. I guarantee some of what Adam is navigating will deeply resonate! 
  • You’re interested in experiencing more directive coaching stances and moves. 
  • You want more ways to incorporate celebrating progress and helping yourself and others practice self-care in addition to focusing on everyone else.
  • You’re experiencing people saying they’re “good” and you’re wondering if there might be more to explore and process.

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