Episode 45: Creating a Recipe for Thriving Through Change

“It’s [creating boundaries] come from a place where fundamentally I realized I have to take care of myself”

Huber Trenado

This is a coaching conversation. In this episode Elena once again coaches Huber Trenado, a teacher (who is also a former student!) who we met in Season 1: Episode 13 of the podcast. This time around Elena supports Huber to codify his learnings from a year of virtual teaching that brought many surprises in terms of the amount of joy and success he and his students managed to find. They explore an often unidentified culprit in our struggles with change, how to stand in your power, and the need to capture and share our learnings on how to best serve students…even when that defies a popular narrative.   

This episode is for you if: 

  • You want to hear a masterful example of paraphrasing.
  • You, or others you support, struggle with change. 
  • You want to better support others (or yourself!) to stand in their power. 

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