Episode 46: Announcing Feel Better: A Special Edition Podcast Series

“I’m going to guide you to take those steps, I’m going to encourage you, I’m going to provide you with inspiration..because taking action will make you feel better…as an individual, as a part of a community, as a part of the great collective of human beings to which we belong as part of this earth.”

Elena Aguilar

This week Elena dives into what is behind the current phenomenon of hearing so many people expressing the desire to want to “feel better” right now and how she’s meeting this need with her new Feel Better program*. Listen in to hear more about what emerging from this moment in time requires of us, and the incredible opportunity it presents for collective healing. And then sign-up for the Feel Better program and get excited for Elena to guide you through the process, step-by-step, beginning next Monday! 

*Mentioned in this episode:

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