Episode 47: Feel Better Step 1: Look

“Emotions have been colonized. And we’re now at the final frontier where we can embrace our emotions. Where we can liberate them. So, are you with me?”

Elena Aguilar

In today’s episode, Elena officially kicks off her free How to Feel Better 4-week program. Here’s a spoiler: the first step of how to feel better is that you need to feel

Many of us have been taught to “manage” or “control” our emotions. In the workplace we have learned that emotions are unprofessional and have no place. In this episode, Elena exposes the historical context that has led to this detachment from our emotions and the wisdom of our body. She provides the first step to reconnect with our emotions on the pathway to healing and feeling better. 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You’re ready to take one step today to stand against oppression
  • You’d like a sneak peek into one of the four(!) books Elena is writing right now 
  • You’re ready to feel better

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Feel Better (Free 4-Week Program): Sign-up to get all resources Elena mentioned in today and will be sharing in the upcoming daily episodes.

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