Episode 69: What Do You Do When: A Client Says, “I Don’t Know How…”?

“What I hear in that statement is an entrypoint, an opening perhaps to learning…when someone is admitting they don’t have that skill or knowledge there is the possibility of closing that gap…”

Elena Aguilar

This is a “What Do You Say When…” episode, the first of its kind designed to explore some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from coaches and managers looking to support others in those moments when they feel stuck. On today’s episode, Elena pulls back the curtain on how she thinks about and responds to the common refrain of, “I don’t know how…” 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You’re curious how “I don’t know how…” is the sign of a powerful awareness on the part of your client 
  • You appreciate mental models and want to hear the three paths Elena considers going down when this refrain pops up in her coaching conversations 
  • You are quick to offer solutions but have noticed that your client is often hesitant to take them, or they don’t seem to solve for the issue at play

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