Episode 72: Coaches’ Corner: Design Your Summer of Learning

“I want to invite you to try on three principles to guide your ‘what’. Number one: Know Yourself, number two: Face Your Fears, number three: Slow Down”

Elena Aguilar

Today’s episode is the first of its kind, designed to provide you with some of the benefits of working with your own Transformational Coach. We’re calling these the “Coaches’ Corner,” during which Elena expertly holds the space and provides you with prompts for reflection. 

Grab your notebook and something to write with; today it’s time to design your summer of learning. Over the next thirty minutes you will: 

  • Get clear on your needs and desires
  • Identify the conditions necessary for you to thrive 
  • Be guided through the three principles to uncover your “what” 

It’s time to get ready for a transformational summer!

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