Episode 75: Freedom Dreaming with Dr. Nicole Evans [An Interview]

“School could be a way to open up more doors.”

Dr. Nicole Evans

In this episode Elena talks with Dr. Nicole Evans, former principal and current Executive Director of Urban Education and Student Engagement at Harris-Stowe State University. The two explore how Dr. Evans pursued a commitment to making equity “the plate” and not an add-on during her time as principal of City Garden Montessori, a public school in St. Louis Missouri. 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You’re ready to move past admiring the many and complex problems perpetrating inequities and begin creating something different. 
  • You want to hear the story of how one principal lived into the calling of what Dr. Bettina Love calls “freedom dreaming.” 
  • You’re working to create more inclusive and welcoming spaces for all students and families. 
  • You’ve considered if it’s time to leave an organization or a role where you are experiencing oppression.

Resources for continued learning:

Mentioned in this episode:

Embracing Equity Leadership Residency program 

Our Liberation is Bound Together (blog post co-written by Dr. Evans) 

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