Episode 79: Quarterly Wisdom: What Makes a Conversation Transformational

“You can’t be a transformational coach if you are a fixer.”

Elena Aguilar

This is a Quarterly Wisdom episode. Today Elena explores two foundational understandings that are essential if you want to have conversations that allow for transformational and deep connection. First, what the phrase “every conversation counts” means and how it is a core belief of every Transformational Coach. Next, what a Transformational Coach must believe about their role relative to their coachee and what we often see getting in the way of that being a reality. 

This episode is for you if:

  • You are committed to being a Transformational Coach 
  • Your conversations sometimes feel transactional
  • You find yourself giving a lot of advice or telling people what to do more than you’d like…or think you should be in your coaching conversations

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