Episode 86: Coaching Conversation: Addressing Race-Based Opportunity Gaps

“The reason why nobody can tell you what to do is because no one knows your situation like you do. And so you have the advantage of having listened and learned in many places and so now it is your responsibility to figure out the plan.”

Elena Aguilar

On today’s episode Elena coaches an instructional coach who works at a school that is the top performing high school in the state where despite their considerable success, students of color are being underserved. While this reality is known and discussed at the district and school-wide level, disparities are not being addressed at the individual classroom level. Elena’s coachee wants to change that and asked to be coached to figure out what is holding her back and how to consistently coach with an equity lens. Together the two discuss 7 foundational steps to take to begin building her foundation for coaching for equity. 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You want to coach for equity
  • You struggle to center equity in your coaching conversations
  • You are supporting others who want to center equity in their work 

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