Four Questions If You Want to Lead for Equity

By Elena Aguilar, Bright Morning Founder and President

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you want to lead for equity. One of the things I so appreciate about our Bright Morning community is the strong orientation to learning with which you show up. Over the past year I’ve seen more and more of you lean in to learning about equity and cultivating a commitment to do things differently. 

So here’s my question for you today: Are you prepared to change things? Not just theoretically, but have you built the knowledge and skills to realize change?  

A critical gap I’ve been working with people on lately is the skill of transfer. Transfer is the missing link that not only shows you have learned something, but that you’re now able to do something differently. For yourself. For your team and community. For policies and structures.  

One way for you to assess your readiness to lead change is to think through four phases (the same four phases of a Transformational Coaching conversation!): 

  1. What has your learning surfaced? 
  2. What impact have you had? 
  3. What emotions have you explored or need to make space to explore? 
  4. Based on your learning, what are you doing (starting/stopping/maintaining)? 

I’ll be back on Friday with a few suggestions. Between now and then see if you can carve out a few minutes to reflect on the questions above. 

P.S. If you’re a positional leader looking to increase your readiness to lead for equity check out my upcoming Equity Leadership Intensive. It only happens once a year and kicks off on Monday!