What Will You Do Differently This Year to Center Equity?

By Elena Aguilar, Bright Morning Founder and President

On Wednesday I shared these four prompts for reflection on your learning and leading for equity journey: 

  1. What has your learning surfaced? 
  2. What impact have you had?
  3. What emotions have you explored or need to make space to explore? 
  4. Based on your learning, what are you doing (starting/stopping/maintaining)? 

I’m so curious where your reflections led you. All of our learning is for naught if it doesn’t translate into doing something differently so I’m particularly interested in what you came up with for question four. 

As promised I’m sharing a couple suggestions for changes you might want to make as you work to demonstrate your newfound knowledge and shifting beliefs: 

  • For teachers: As you begin to plan your lessons, how might you shift from “management” to the co-construction of learning spaces? 
  • For coaches: How might you adjust your initial getting to know you conversations to include an exploration of identity, privilege and power? 
    • Resources: A few questions you might ask: 
      • How do you identify racially? 
      • Which of your identity markers feel most salient right now? 
      • How do you think your identity shapes how you teach/lead/coach? 
  • For positional leaders: How will you design meeting spaces that are equitable and inclusive for folks in the room while acknowledging and broadening your field of awareness around those who are not in the room? 

The systems we live in were designed to privilege some and disadvantage others. As a result there are countless areas that are prime for disruption. I hope these prompts spur your thinking and ability to take action. 

If you are a positional leader, I hope you’ll join me next week at the Equity Leadership Intensive where we’ll dive into high leverage entry points for creating equitable schools, classrooms, and organizations including classroom and staff culture, addressing team dynamics, and sustaining and retaining teachers of color.

If you’re newer to coaching and leading for equity, consider joining our upcoming Coaching for Equity 101 workshop where you’ll learn how to sharpen your ability to see and hear educational inequities and learn how to take effective action.

However you choose to do it, keep working on your skill of transfer. While there is always more to learn we must match our learning with action.