Episode 96: In Conversation with Kimberly L Jones and Gilly Segal

“To really grow, you have to get uncomfortable. And that comes from being in a brave space where your feelings aren’t protected but where you’re talking honestly and openly about difficult topics.”

Gilly Segal

Kimberly L. Jones went viral when she brilliantly used a Monopoly analogy to explain how 450 years of breaking the social contract in our country leads to civil unrest. 

But before those 2 million+ YouTube views and appearances on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, she and her co-author, Gilly Segal, were making headlines as best selling authors of I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, and have since released a second YA must-read, Why We Fly

On today’s episode, the two join Elena in a conversation around what it takes to build a trusting partnership, how books can be used to forge a more just society, what they’d change in education, and what is giving them hope for a better future. 

We strongly recommend watching Kimberly’s 6-minute video before tuning in. 


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