Episode 98: When it Feels Like it’s Never Enough [a Coaching Conversation]

“I’ve never not felt like I was productive and successful, and maybe that is where some of these feelings are coming from.”

Maria Barker
  • How do you support a client when they are working at capacity and still feeling like a failure because the demands are never-ending and time is finite? 
  • How do you support a client who has transitioned into a new role and is suddenly experiencing the disorienting reality of being a beginner again? 
  • And how do you do that all in the midst of a global pandemic? 

Today’s coaching conversation provides you with the opportunity to hear how Elena navigated this trifecta with Maria Barker. Maria recently moved from being an instructional coach to a dean of students, and while her commitment to her work has never waned, the resulting joy it provides her has. Listen in to hear how Elena and Maria’s conversation unleashes Maria’s inner-wisdom and provides a path forward. 

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