Episode 102: Feel Better: Make and Create [Repeat]

“Whenever you connect with that [creative energy], you’re going to feel more empowered, more equipped, more skilled and more resourceful. You will also, by tapping into that energy, broaden and deepen your thinking capacities.”

Elena Aguilar

Would you benefit from an infusion of energy, healing and joy? 

That is what we’re hoping to provide you with today’s episode – a replay of one of our favorite How to Feel Better* resilience strategies: make and create.

This topic feels very timely as many of us head into a break where we (hopefully!) have a little more space to slow down and get in touch with our needs. More time to find some spaciousness, and perhaps some healing. 

If you like this episode, consider checking out our full (and free!) How to Feel Better program. Enjoy!

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