Episode 105: Morning Rituals that Meet Your Needs

“How you spend the first part of your day is how you spend your day. It sets the tone for the day. And how you spend your day is how you spend your life.”

Elena Aguilar

Are you starting the day in a way that serves you and sets you up to have your needs met? 

How you spend the first part of your day sets the tone for the day. And how you spend your day is how you spend your life. 

If you want to take a more intentional approach to 2022, start with your morning routine. 

In today’s episode, Elena pulls back the curtain on why routines matter, offers considerations for creating a routine that will best meet your needs, and shares about how she starts her own days. 

If you’re ready to turn off auto-pilot or say goodbye to frantic and frazzled, start here. 

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