Episode 123: Powerful Facilitation Starts and Ends With You

“It starts with knowing yourself. It ends with knowing yourself.”

Elena Aguilar

If you want to lead transformative learning experiences, you must tend to your own transformation. In this episode, Elena dives into one of the 7 habits that transform professional development: knowing yourself as a facilitator. 

Mentioned on this episode: 

  • The PD Book
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  • The Art of Coaching Workbook (vision exercise on page 37-39) 
  • Two sets of reflection questions: 
    • What gets under your skin? What are your triggers?
      • What do those triggers have to teach you?
      • How can you attend to your sore spots? 
    • Who do you want to be as a facilitator? 
      • Why do you want to facilitate it? 
      • If you were to watch a video of yourself facilitating, what do you hope you’d see? 
      • What do you hope that people who attend the sessions that you facilitate will say about you years later?
      • How do you want to feel in the moment when you’re facilitating?

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