Episode 131: Do What You Can: In Conversation with Sharon McMahon of @SharonSaysSo

“ I always come back to this idea that it is difficult to make educated choices with no education.”

Sharon McMahon

Sharon McMahon of @SharonSaysSo joins Elena today to discuss a wide-range of topics, including: 

  • Sharon’s effective approach to combating lies and conspiracy theories with openness and facts 
  • The power of individual actions, and how you can make a meaningful contribution by doing what you can 
  • A transformational approach to teaching and learning history (and current day events) 
  • The perils of teacher appreciation week, and what we should be doing instead 
  • How focusing on your sphere of influence and control can make or break your experience in the classroom 
  • What your favorite animal might say about you 

Sharon is a former high school government and law teacher on a mission to combat political misinformation by sharing non-partisan facts about the US government and democracy. You may know her from her viral Instagram account @SharonSaysSo where she covers daily headlines and breaks down national political coverage and biases to extract the facts. Her approach helps hundreds of thousands of followers looking for truth and peace in a political climate that is often fraught with lies and divisive rhetoric. At Bright Morning we’re proud Governerds (iykyk), and hope after this episode you will be as well.

Mentioned in this episode: 

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