Episode 136: Phase 1: Surface Current Reality [Transformational Coaching in Action Mini-Series]

“That’s why we engage in a learning process: we want to learn and we want to grow. And it’s the coach’s responsibility to help shape and guide [the formation of an inquiry question or goal] so that the learner can feel successful after a coaching cycle or whatever the period of time it is that you’re going to be working together.”

Elena Aguilar

In this first episode of our special Transformational Coaching mini-series, we’re diving into Phase 1 of the Transformational Coaching model: Surface Current Reality. A mix of a real-life coaching conversation and Elena pulling back the curtain to share her thought process and what you need to know to put Phase 1 into action in all of your back-to-school coaching conversations. 

This episode is for you if you want: 

  • To see Transformational Coaching in action 
  • Guidance for how to kick-off your coaching relationships 
  • To hear how Elena thinks about “coaching cycles”
  • Help creating your own inquiry question or goal for coaching this year

Mentioned in this episode: 

  • The Phases of Transformational Coaching: Excerpt from Coaching for Equity and The Art of Coaching Workbook
  • Episode 135: Preparing Myself to Coach: Podcast episode mentioned by Jessica that informed her focus on incorporating a 15 minutes planning block for each coaching conversation

Opportunities for continued learning: 

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