Episode 139: Phase 4: Build New Practices [Transformational Coaching in Action Mini-Series]

“So the questions that you’re exploring, that you settled on, are about building trusting relationships and being authentically yourself as a coach. But I’m curious…if that wasn’t the question that was calling you, what do you think you’d be curious about when it comes to your coaching practice?”

Elena Aguilar

In this fourth episode of our special Transformational Coaching mini-series, Elena begins to move her client into Phase 4 of the Transformational Coaching Model: Build New Practices. 

This episode is for you if to hear: 

  • How you can push a client a little harder once a trusting relationship is established 
  • How to support a client in making the connections between the shifts in their beliefs and resulting behaviors 
  • How using the same question each coaching session might be the best choice for a client 
  • Transformational coaching in action 

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