2022 Holiday Gift Guide

I love to help people select gifts for people they love, so here’s a gift guide that the Bright Morning team put together for 2022. I hope you find some ideas on here for yourself or for others!

This gift guide contains several affiliate links (on the books and products recommended through Amazon) where, if you click through and purchase, Bright Morning receives a small commission with no additional cost to you. If you have questions about this, let us know!

For book lovers: 

  • Book tracking bookmark: Keep track of your page AND all of the books you’ve been reading
  • Elena’s recommended reads by topic: Elena’s recommendations for personal growth, equity, education, escapism, fiction, and more!
  • A copy of your favorite book of the year with a hand written inscription 
  • Reading valet: Keep track of your page and reading essentials

For a dose of cozy: 

For the cooks in your life:

For those with sensory needs: 

For gifts that give all year: 

Things that make everyday better:

For screen-free fun: 

Elevated everyday objects: 

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