Intentions and Goals for the New Year

If you want to identify intentions or goals for 2023, try this: Write yourself a letter from December 31, 2023. Do it on paper if you’re able – the old-fashioned way. Write, Dear [and your name]. And then describe the year that has ended. Describe how you felt during the year. Describe some highlights from the year, perhaps an accomplishment or two. Whenever possible, describe any details you imagine, any indicators of how you created your life. If you see yourself running a 10k, do you see yourself getting up early before school to work out? If you see yourself traveling in Italy, can you see yourself saving a portion of your paycheck for that trip? 

Do not show this to anyone. Do not read it to anyone. This is for you, from you. So be totally honest with yourself. And really interrogate your desires. You know what you want. You might not be comfortable admitting it, but you know. So write it down. As if it’s already happened. As if it’s the end of 2023 and you’re thinking back on the year. 

Then tuck that letter away somewhere you won’t stumble across it. On New Year’s Eve of the following year, you can read the one from the previous year (only if you want). 

This is my favorite end-of-year/beginning-of-year activity. It challenges me to visualize my dreams and see the steps to realizing them. And on January 1, I start taking those steps. 

May you envision a year of whatever you desire!