Episode 147: Part 1: How to Eliminate Resistance in 5 Steps

“Here is the key to instantly dissolving resistance: shift how you understand and label what you perceive as resistant behavior.” 

Elena Aguilar


Elena hasn’t experienced resistance in her coaching conversations in over a decade. In this episode, she shares her five-step process to eliminate resistance in your coaching conversations (…and really, in any conversation). This is the first in a three-part Coaching Resistance mini-series you won’t want to miss.

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Episode Reflection Questions:

  • When are you most likely to respond to perceived resistance with force? What has that looked like in the past for you? 
  • When was a time at work where you felt resistant to someone or something? What core human need was threatened in that situation? 
  • As Elena shared in the podcast, you need to try out what you learn in passive learning experiences (like listening to a podcast), in order to build skill. What is one (or two, or three, or four, or five!) simple question that truly comes from curiosity that you will commit to trying out today when you experience what you perceive as resistance?

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