Episode 148: Coaching Resistance: Part 2 – Preparing OURSELVES

“What should you do when faced with resistance? You start by turning to your own fear.”



Did you know a childhood photo or a lunch date can help you coach resistance? 

On today’s episode, Elena and Bright Morning teammate, Nick Cains, discuss what they do to prepare themselves to coach resistant clients, and how they tend to themselves as coaches of color who often coach across lines of racial difference. Listen in for concrete strategies and several stories that help bring them to life.  

Mentioned in this episode: 

  • Core human needs (from the Bright Morning “How to Eliminate Resistance” handout)

Opportunities for continued learning: 

Episode Reflection Questions:

  • What are your fears that might be activated when coaching “resistance?”
  • How do your own identity markers and experiences influence how you experience resistance? What types of boundaries might you need? What type of support would help you thrive as a coach, even during these challenging moments? 
  • Elena shared a story about a perpetually “resistant” teacher that was challenging to work with. She utilized several strategies in this relationship, including focusing on a picture of this individual as a child. What is a strategy you are interested in trying when working with a coachee who is challenging for you?  
  • Why are you a coach? How can that purpose ground you and help provide a broader perspective in moments where you feel resistance (or other difficult-for-you clients)?

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