Episode 156: Responding When Emotionally Activated

“Now, I understand that we are emotionally activated because there’s some unhealed pain that is calling for our attention. And we all have unhealed pain.”

Elena Aguilar

You’re in the middle of a team meeting or a work conversation and someone says something that sets you off. How do you respond? 

In today’s episode, Elena provides the background information that you need to be able to understand what’s driving your response in those moments, gives you a three-step method to use to respond with intention, and shares an activity you can start using today to increase your self-awareness. If you’re looking to increase your EQ, this episode is for you!

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Episode Reflection Questions:

  • How did this episode illuminate, expand, and/or challenge your understanding of trauma? 
  • What comes up for you as you consider “Big T” and “Little t” trauma in your own life? How might this impact how and when you are triggered or emotionally activated? 
  • In what moments did you experience being triggered and/or emotionally activated in team meetings and/or professional conversations? Are there patterns? 
  • Which of the three steps that Elena shared for responding when emotionally activated comes most naturally to you? Which step will be the most challenging for you?

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