Three Things to Consider Doing Differently This Year With Your Team

Summer is renewal time for educators, and this year more than ever, educators need to recover and replenish so they can return reenergized in the fall. As we emerge from this pandemic, it is important to consider these three things to do differently this year with your team.

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Are you a manager looking to coach? Start here.

I am so frequently asked a version of the question, “How can I coach as a boss?” that I will be holding a workshop this summer (Coaching When You’re the Boss) to help equip all you managers out there to do just that. 

The short answer is, yes. The much more important answer is, yes if you are both very intentional and capable. 

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Evaluation, Feedback and Coaching: What You Need to Know

I’ve received a lot of questions about the intersection of managing and coaching. Most often I provide the same answer I will to this one: Maybe.

There are very few things that just will or won’t work. The key is almost always in how they are done. Here’s what matters most: purpose, transparency and readiness.

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How to Begin Conversations about Racial Identity

By Elena Aguilar, President and Founder In Episode 5 of The Bright Morning Podcast, I spoke to a very special person who told me a story about a couple of powerful conversations about race, racial identity, and racism. I want you to be able to have powerful conversation—conversations that heal and bring us into closer,

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Developing a Theory of Action

By Elena Aguilar, President and Founder In Episode 4 of The Bright Morning Podcast, I referenced a theory of action. I coached Jill through the initial steps to create a draft of a theory of action to lead folks in her district towards having conversations about racial inequities. In my coaching and consulting with leaders,

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