10 Indicators of Good Decision Making Processes

If you lead a team, you most likely have facilitated decision-making processes. And I’m willing to guess they haven’t always gone as smoothly as you hoped. Perhaps you’ve tried to build consensus only to find you haven’t gotten anywhere. Or perhaps you’ve made a decision on behalf of your team only to find that people were upset they weren’t involved. 

Decision-making can be hard work, especially when levels of urgency are high.

These 10 indicators of good decision-making processes can make it easier.

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4 Steps to Better Conflict

In order for teams to be effective, they need to have conflict. Not destructive conflict. Not where people shout or are passive aggressive or where pent up frustrations culminate in some sort of rupture. Teams need healthy conflict—the kind that allows for disagreements, different viewpoints, and a path forward that deepens relationships on a team.  

In order to foster this kind of conflict, you need to plan for it.

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Have You Learned These Three Lessons Yet?

As I planned for our welcome back professional development days this fall, I wanted to create experiences that would leave our staff feeling connected, inspired, empowered and motivated to launch the year. I started the year with hope and optimism; I focused on slowing down and working to create emotionally, intellectually and physically safe environments for adults and for students. Then reality set. Within weeks I could see it  everywhere I looked—educators are not well.

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An Analysis of Coaching Strategies used with Kathrina

By Elena Aguilar, President and Founder In Episode 2 of The Bright Morning Podcast, I coached Kathrina on how she can set boundaries. Kathrina was struggling with her relationships with some colleagues. She’d tried being compassionate and understanding with them, but I could hear that what she wasn’t telling me was that some of those

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