Customized support for impact that endures

Our consultants are first and foremost coaches. This means we are always thinking about opportunities to build the capacity of the leaders we are working with regardless of the support we are providing. In our consulting, you will experience the use of coaching strategies that center you, the client, as the expert you are. When consulting, we also utilize directive coaching much more than we would in typical coaching engagements. This means we will more frequently make suggestions and share opinions, including things like, “these are three things you must do before we can move on.” This interweaving of coaching strategies into our consulting results in both immediate impact as well as sustainable change.

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know until this training on designing coaching programs. Elena guided me and my team in thinking through every aspect of a coaching program. We now have sharp clarity on why some of our efforts weren’t successful, and what we need to do to make our coaching program work. The tools were invaluable, the guidance and direction were essential, and the structured planning time with my team is just what we needed.”

Cheryl, Lincoln, NE

How to know if we’re a good match

Working together on a consulting project is a big undertaking, so it’s crucial to make sure you find the right match.

The indicators below would suggest you could be a good fit with our consulting support:

  • The primary contact(s) have attended at least one Bright Morning training and have read Elena’s books. They are very familiar with and invested in our equity-centered approach.
  • The consulting project is led, or sponsored by, an individual with decision-making power over the elements being addressed in our work together.
  • There are no more than 2 primary contacts working with the consultant during the consulting meetings. When a larger group is involved in a project, we’ve found that having one or two people represent the group is the best way to maximize time with your consultant. Groups then work together independently between meetings.
  • We’re experts in the areas you’re looking for support in. Our areas of expertise include:
    • Designing, implementing and evaluating instructional or leadership coaching programs
    • Building professional development programs that facilitate whole school or organization-wide change
    • Creating learning organizations
    • Designing and implementing professional development for teachers, administrators and coaches
    • Transforming staff cultures
    • Creating the conditions and systems required for equitable schools
    • Hiring and creating the conditions for emotional resilience

We offer two consulting packages that reflect our commitment to sustainable impact. We’ve found these offerings consistently deliver strong outcomes for our clients.

“Elena Aguilar is a masterful consultant and coach. Under her guidance, we created a much stronger structure and framework for our mentorship program. She challenged us to think deeply and thoughtfully about our program goals and theory of action. Elena and the Bright Morning Team have given us exactly what we needed to bring our program vision alive!”

Sharon Lau & Gloria Sarmento, Surrey Schools in Surrey, British Columbia

Short-Term Support

This package is best for you if you have a solid foundation in one of our areas of expertise and are looking for feedback or support amplifying your impact on a specific project. It includes:

  • 10 hours of consulting to support the creation of a specific resource (example: a year-long PD scope and sequence) or providing feedback and direction on an existing approach (example: your coaching program model).
  • Consulting hours are currently only offered as virtual meetings. The consultant will work with you to determine a timeline and mutually agreed upon dates for sessions.

Year-Long Support

This package is best for you if you need support building a program that results in real, sustained impact and are looking for a partner to guide you through the process from creation (or revamping) to implementation. It includes a year-long support program intended to develop the structure, skills and capacity for strong coaching and/or leadership at your site. This consists of:

  • Self-guided analysis and planning process to support you in gaining clarity on your goals, current landscape and structures needed to move forward. This includes a discussion around measures of success.
  • A consulting session with up to two point-people to establish the scope of work, build context and establish a vision for partnership.
  • A workshop on any of our core offerings (The Art of Coaching 101, The Art of Coaching Teams 101, Coaching for Equity 101, Onward 101: Cultivating Resilience in Educators, or Artful Facilitation and Design 101) to build the baseline skills of all participants.
  • Three one-day workshops spread throughout the course of the year to build upon and reinforce the initial training.
  • Six monthly 90-minute virtual trainings for a small group to build upon and reinforce initial training.
  • Six monthly 60-minute virtual consulting meetings with up to two point-people to support program implementation.

Looking for something else, like a comprehensive learning experience or series to build the skill of your group? Consider bringing an expert trainer to deliver one of our signature learning experiences exclusively for your school or organization.