Current Webinar Options (private webinars)

Sometimes you need a learning experience to have a big impact but only have a little time. These moments are what our webinars were made for.

Think of a webinar as a mini-workshop: a burst of content on a singular topic. We can facilitate interactive webinars in 60 or 90-minute formats. While webinar participants are always hungry for more, they get the boost they need to make an immediate impact.

The Bright Morning Team can deliver webinars for your group on any of our areas of expertise. Our current menu of webinars includes the following options, each of which is an introduction to the collection it represents:

  • Exploring Beliefs (The Art of Coaching)
  • Thriving Teams: Core Ingredients & Essential Questions (The Art of Coaching Teams)
  • Cultivating Resilience in Yourself and Others (Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators)
  • Power, Privilege and Marginalization in Coaching for Equity (Coaching for Equity)
  • Creating Pathways for Learning (The PD Book: 7 Habits That Transform Professional Development)

Exploring Beliefs Webinar

Transformational Coaching is about making lasting change—not just in our clients, but in ourselves as well. We cannot support the transformation of others unless we are actively transforming.

Join us to explore our own transformation through examining beliefs—and how a shift in those beliefs can help us be a stronger, more intentional coach. You’ll leave with an actionable tool for reflection, for yourself and for those you coach.


  • Review the Three Bs to better understand beliefs
  • Learn about the conditions in which beliefs change
  • Explore our own beliefs using the ladder of inference questioning

Audience: Coaches, anyone leading change

Thriving Teams: Core Ingredients & Essential Questions Webinar

Is your team thriving? If you’re unsure how to answer that question, join us for a webinar focused on exploring the core ingredients of a thriving team and essential questions to guide your reflection and action. 


  • Create a vision for thriving teams
  • Learn about and self-assess on the four core ingredients to thriving teams
  • Design an action step related to one of the core ingredients

Audience: Team coaches and leaders

Cultivating Resilience in Yourself and Others Webinar

This webinar will explore high leverage strategies that anyone can use to build their resilience, as well as the resilience of others. Participants will practice using these strategies as well as understand why they are so effective, particularly in times of crisis and change.


  • Connect with the resilience they already have and be reminded of their ability to respond to adversity
  • Understand strategies that they can use to boost their own resilience and that of others and practice using these strategies 
  • Be inspired to deepen their own resilience and that of others

Audience: Any educator

Power, Privilege and Marginalization in Coaching for Equity Webinar

Are you working to grow your ability to coach for equity? 

If so, we invite you to join us for an opportunity to learn about the role power and privilege play in developing our own way of being as Transformational Coaches, in addition to increasing your awareness of how your identity markers and experiences of power/privilege have an impact on the work we do. 

In this webinar, you’ll receive concrete tools to explore power and privilege—both in your own practice and in the relationships you develop.


  • Learn about the wheel of power and privilege as a tool for conversations
  • Reflect on and share about our own power and privilege
  • Hear responses to common questions and coaching scenarios related to conversations on power, privilege and marginalization

Audience: Coaches, Administrators, anyone in positions of leadership

Creating Pathways for Learning Webinar

This webinar allows participants to reflect on their design and facilitation skills and identify areas for growth. Participants will name their recurring complaints about facilitating PD and then explore the seven habits of transformative PD. The overview of these habits will allow participants to recognize their own areas for growth as well as to see the potential in PD. They will then create a learning plan, based on the content in The PD Book, to develop their facilitation skills. This webinar will also allow participants to recognize the ways in which transformative PD can create the pathways for learning so that educators can meet the needs of every child, every day, and so that schools can become places where both children and adults thrive. 


  • Identify their personal growth areas for creating transformative PD
  • Understand the 7 habits to transform professional development 
  • Create a learning plan to develop their design and facilitation skills 
  • Explore the potential of transformative PD

Audience: Anyone who designs and/or facilitates PD 

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