Keynotes and Other Event Appearances

Ignite your group with a thought-provoking address

Elena appreciates opportunities to share her knowledge and experience with educators who are focused on issues of justice and equity, social emotional learning for children and adults, community and team development, and coaching and mentoring. She enjoys talking to educators in the public and private school worlds, as well as to leaders outside of education.

Elena’s 2017 Keynote for New Tech Network

“I cannot tell you how many people stopped me during the conference to share how meaningful your keynote message was to them. Thank you for helping open up a space in our network to have a more intentional, thoughtful, and explicit conversation about educational equity moving forward.”

Jim May, Chief Schools Officer, New Tech Network

“Resilience is critical to navigating our current times. This keynote provides tangible anchors to nourish and develop resilience as we all support each other during a global pandemic and racial reckoning.”

Angela T, Park Day School

Elena’s presentation was fabulous, just as we expected! We are so grateful to her for her words of wisdom and the actionable steps she outlined for us in supporting and growing our resilience. We are also grateful to the Bright Morning Team for facilitating such a smooth process.

Inge A., OR

Interested in a keynote for your group?

Elena is currently delivering keynote addresses and appearing at virtual events to groups across the world! These engaging and inspiring presentations (60-90 minutes in length) allow your group to be united in experience and vision for what is possible. The added benefit of a virtual keynote is that you have the ability to receive a recording of the experience to allow participants to rewatch and to share with even more team members in the future!

Elena’s keynote addresses are designed to align to the themes of the conference or gathering at which she presents, and in response to requests from the organizers.

We are staying virtual for now and we are also considering requests for in-person keynotes once it is again safe to travel and gather. Please note, Elena resides in California and during the winter months she limits how much she travels to the Midwest and East Coast.

To request a Keynote from Elena or another member of our team, click the link below and fill out a short questionnaire. We also welcome requests for other event appearances such as: panels, moderated fireside chats, etc. Please fill out the form below and add any relevant details.

Elena and The Bright Morning Team are currently presenting the following keynote addresses:

  • How to Make Every Conversation Count
  • How to Embody Antiracist Leadership: Purging Your Practice of White Supremacy
  • How to Cultivate Emotional Resilience so that We Can Build Equitable Schools
  • How to Foster Leadership and Resilience in these Times
  • Cultivating Resilient Communities
  • Cultivating Resilience in a Time of Crisis
  • Cultivating Individual and Team Resilience
  • Coaching When You’re the Boss
  • How to Design PD that Engages Learners and Changes Practice
  • How to Create Professional Development that Centers Equity
  • How to Design and Facilitate PD that Builds Resilience in Learners