Podcast Interviews

From time to time, Elena joins a podcast for an interview or conversation. We’ve compiled these for your listening pleasure.

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Podcast Interviews with Elena

Leading Equity

June 2020

How to Coach for Equity with Elena Aguilar. Dr. Sheldon Eakins and Elena Aguilar discuss 10 steps to get you started on the path to leading for equity.

Makin’ It Personal

April 2020

A conversation about intention and impact. Keri Fersner chats with author and educational leader, Elena Aguilar to discuss her views on educational equity, accessing courage to continue moving forward in student centered practices, and how to truly transform the educational system for ALL kids!

Ripple Out

April 2020

Niamh McQuillan is an educator in the Baltimore County Public Schools, and a coach, and a coach of coaches, and she curates a website and FaceBook page about women’s leadership. She interviewed Elena (watch or listen here!) and it was one of Elena’s favorite interviews she’s done. Niamh had really good questions and made Elena think and reflect and reconnect with her deepest sense of purpose.

RBERNing Questions

April 15, 2020

Elena Aguilar: Equity and Resilience

Elena shares advice on how to “re-center the individual child” to create learning experiences and environments that are equitable and responsive to students’ needs — particularly ELLs — while also tending to one’s own resilience.

C3 Connecting, Coaches, Cognition

April 10, 2020

A Special COVID-19 Episode with Elena Aguilar: Resilience

“Resilience is the ability to experience a setback and then spring farther along because of it.” Elena discusses how the 12 habits of resilience are more relevant than ever during this time of crisis.

Teachers on Fire

April 10, 2020

Elena Aguilar: Coaching, Equity, and Resilience

Stories of overcoming hardship and frustration set the tone for this conversation about

Teaching Python

April 6, 2020

Teaching Resilience and Building Equity with Elena Aguilar

“By cultivating resilience, teachers can fulfill the intentions that brought them into the teaching profession.” A conversation about the connections between teacher resilience and quality teaching and schools.

The School Leadership Show

September 16, 2019

A Conversation with Elena Aguilar

Guest host Jenn David-Lang of The Main Idea interviews Elena about her book Onward.

How to Make Love

May 7, 2019

“For My Story, I Get to Be the One Who Writes It”

In this conversation about making love through creating resilience, Elena discusses why learning to feel emotions is essential to honing resilience, shares guidance on deepening resilience practices, and tells stories about her ancestors.

Class Dismissed

March 5, 2019

Coaching the Overwhelmed Teacher

Elena expands on her blog post of the same title, offering five tips for working with a colleague or employee when they feel overwhelmed.

Ed’s (Not) Dead

October 1, 2018

Supporting the Social & Emotional Health of Teachers

Elena shares her research into supporting the social-emotional needs of teachers and how to systematically prevent burnout in educators at all levels of schooling, as well as the framework she created for this type of support.

Better Leaders, Better Schools

August 15, 2018

Building Relationships and Resilience

A conversation about how addressing injustices in education must include attention to relationships and engagement, as well as building our own resilience. 

Principal Center Radio

June 18, 2018

Elena Aguilar—Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators

Elena digs into a definition of resilience and why it matters for the health and well-being of educators in this dive into the principles of her book Onward and why it was such an important book to write.

The Ed Narrative

June 15, 2018

A Conversation with Elena Aguilar about Resilience and Coaching

In this conversation about how coaching led to Onward, Elena shares how she conceptualizes the work of building resilience, and how her work as a coach helps to build up educators’ capacity.

Cult of Pedagogy

May 6, 2018

12 Ways Teachers Can Build Their Own Resilience

“Over and over again, [teaching] puts us in predicaments that test our confidence, wear out our patience, and break our hearts.” Elena discusses with Jennifer Gonzalez the twelve habits of resilience and why it’s worth taking your time to read Onward.