Episode 96: In Conversation with Kimberly L Jones and Gilly Segal

Kimberly L Jones went viral when she brilliantly used a Monopoly analogy to explain how 450 years of breaking the social contract in our country leads to civil unrest. 

But before those 2 million+ YouTube views and appearances on The Daily Show with Trever Noah, she and her co-author, Gilly Segal, were making headlines as best selling authors of I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, and have since released a second YA must-read, Why We Fly. 

On today’s episode, the two join Elena in a conversation around what it takes to build a trusting partnership, how books can be used to forge a more just society, what they’d change in education, and what is giving them hope for a better future. 

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Episode 80: In Conversation with Trisha Moquino

This week Elena is in conversation with Trisha Moquino, the founder of Keres Children’s Learning Center (KCLC) in Cochiti Pueblo, NM. KCLC is a Keres-language revitalization school that uses an intergenerational approach to immersion and dual-language with Montessori pedagogy. It is one of very few schools in the country that provides children with the opportunity to learn through their heritage language. And a few short years ago it didn’t exist. Over the course of this conversation Trisha graciously teaches about the history of displacement and war on Native peoples and also beautifully shares the pressing need to support Indigenous people today in reclaiming their children’s education and honoring their heritage in school systems.

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Episode 71: In Conversation with Crystal Echo Hawk

This is an interview. Today Elena is in conversation with Crystal Echo Hawk. Crystal is an enrolled member of Pawnee Nation in Oklahoma and the founder of IllumiNative, a nonprofit working to increase the visibility of—and “challenge the negative narrative about”—Native Nations. Listen in to learn more about what Crystal believes to be the greatest threat to Native peoples, hear a specific call-in to educators, learn about a tv show you might be missing out on that you don’t want to miss, and much more.

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