Racism isn’t personal

Racism hurts—it hurts bodies, minds, and spirits. Racism kills people—it provides a justification for dehumanization. Racism has shattered families, communities, and continents. Racism exists because of the ideology of white supremacy—the belief that white people are superior. This ideology began as a way to justify the transatlantic slave trade and has been institutionalized for over 500 years in the United States and in white settler societies. It manifests in a myriad of forms and impacts everyone in the world in innumerable ways. […]

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“Resilience” can be used to oppress

Like most concepts, “resilience” can be used to oppress. I’ve heard messages that shift the burden of ending systemic injustice onto marginalized people, such as If you were more resilient, then racism wouldn’t really bother you. People wielding these types of messages have corrupted a powerful tool. One that educators, in particular, are in need of. […]

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