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We provide a wide variety of trainings for coaches, leaders, teams and teachers that expand your ability to build healthy, just and resilient relationships and communities. All of our offerings are highly engaging and interactive learning experiences where each participant is valued and has the opportunity to grow their capacity and return to their work armed with concrete tools and strategies. This page lists summaries of our workshops and describes how you can participate in them.

An introduction to the philosophy behind Bright Morning’s Workshops

Two ways to experience our trainings

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Types of Trainings

We offer five different types of trainings:

  • Book Clubs to help you process in community 
  • Tastes of to sample our content 
  • 101s to establish a solid foundation
  • Masterclasses to expand your skills 
  • Intensives to refine your craft

These trainings explore our five collections of work:

  • The Art of Coaching collection addresses the relationship between two people, perhaps a coach and a teacher or a manager and their employee, and the conversations they have together
  • The Art of Coaching Teams collection addresses relationships and systems that bring a group of people together who are working towards a common goal and who are dependent on each other to achieve their desired outcome
  • The Onward collection centers on how we build our own reserves of resilience and how we can help others build resilience so that we can thrive and meet the needs of our students and teams
  • The Equity collection provides direction and how to counteract oppression and inequity in schools and organizations, while also building resilient communities amongst adults and with children
  • The Adult Learning collection focuses on how to design and facilitate experiences that meet the unique needs of adult learners

Collections and Training Types at a Glance

List of Trainings

Below is a comprehensive list of the trainings we currently offer.

We recommend newcomers start with Art of Coaching 101 as this provides the foundation for our other offerings. This training is also a prerequisite for our more advanced coaching workshops.

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Art of Coaching Collection

Taste of Transformational coaching

An introduction to the core ideas, tools, and approaches in Transformational Coaching.

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Art of Coaching 101

Develop foundational skills for transformational coaching in our signature workshop.

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Art of Coaching Masterclass

Deepen your coaching practice and co-create community through our transformational workbook study and practice experience.

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Coaching When You’re The Boss

Incorporate coaching strategies into your leadership practice and learn how to maximize opportunities to guide someone’s reflection and growth.

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Transformational Coaching Intensive

Level up with an intensive day of learning and feedback with coaching expert, Elena Aguilar.

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Art of Coaching Teams Collection


Learn strategies for building a thriving, resilient, learning team that gets stuff done.

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Elevate your leadership skills through increasing your toolkit, knowledge, and capacity to navigate conflict, resistance and equitable decision making in this exclusive series.

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Coaching When You’re the Boss

Incorporate coaching strategies into your leadership practice and learn how to maximize opportunities to guide someone’s reflection and growth.

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Equity Collection

All of our trainings are rooted in equity, but this collection builds deep levels of expertise in this area.


Learn the tools and skills to effectively coach for equity and transform yourself, your community, your organization.

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Sharpen your ability to see and hear educational inequities and learn how to take effective action.

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Acquire the skills to have conversations that change practice.

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Equity Leadership Intensive

Focused topics in leading for equity.

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Resilience Collection

All of our trainings explore resilience, but this collection builds deep levels of expertise in this area.

Onward Book Club

Grow your resilience. Grow your community.

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Cultivating Resilience Intensive

Join together in community to boost your resilience, and develop the tools and habits to thrive

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Adult Learning Collection

ArtfUl design and facilitation Masterclass

Master the ability to design and facilitate meaningful professional learning and community.

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