Power packed 6o- to 90-minute virtual learning experiences on the topics you need now

“Bright Morning presented a Building Resilience webinar for our local educators, and the feedback has been so positive! The timing was just right since many educators need a resilience boost to cope with the challenges of teaching during a pandemic. Participants reported that the webinar provided so many useful tips and reminders to help them take care of themselves and be more resilient educators moving forward.”


Sometimes you need a learning experience to have a big impact but only have a little time. These moments are what our webinars were made for.

Think of a webinar as a mini-workshop: a burst of content on a singular topic. We can facilitate interactive webinars in 60 or 90-minute formats. While webinar participants are always hungry for more, they get the boost they need to make an immediate impact.

The Bright Morning Team can deliver webinars for your group on any of our areas of expertise. Our current menu of webinars includes the following options, each of which is an introduction to the collection it represents:

  • Exploring Beliefs (The Art of Coaching)
  • Thriving Teams: Core Ingredients & Essential Questions (The Art of Coaching Teams)
  • Cultivating Resilience in Yourself and Others (Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators)
  • Power, Privilege and Marginalization in Coaching for Equity (Coaching for Equity)
  • Creating Pathways for Learning (The PD Book: 7 Habits That Transform Professional Development)

We have an additional set of webinars available for groups who have previously engaged in a Bright Morning workshop and are looking to engage in ongoing development with our team. If this applies to your group, simply complete the short form below and we will be in touch with more information.

“Resilience is critical to navigating our current times. This webinar provides tangible anchors to nourish and develop resilience as we all support each other during a global pandemic and racial reckoning.”


“Our facilitator helped us create a professional learning opportunity that met the goals of our session. She not only provided our audience with the teachings of Elena Aguilar, she wrapped us in the experiences of building resiliency within our own spaces. This level of learning will have lasting effects for our participants and hopefully extend into the lives of our classrooms and schools across New York State. Thank you!”


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Looking for a more comprehensive learning experience to build the skill of your group? Consider bringing an expert trainer to deliver one of our signature learning experiences exclusively for your school or organization.

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