What’s New in 2021 at Bright Morning

2020 was a disruptive year in many ways, including for our work at Bright Morning. In March we pivoted to all-virtual experiences and over the next several months we were in responsive mode, creating learning experiences to meet the evolving needs of our community. While we’re counting on a few curveballs ahead, we have now had the time and space to take stock of lessons learned from a year like none other, and to lay the foundation for what we believe will be our best year yet. We’re thrilled to share it all with you!

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about…

  • The new offerings we’re adding to our 2021 docket 
  • New membership options (including all-inclusive!) 
  • How we’re making the names of our learning experiences more intuitive 
  • A new approach to registration 
  • What the 2021 calendar of offerings looks like
  • What’s not going to be offered again in 2021 
  • Changes to the Bright Morning Podcast

We’re Staying Virtual for Now

First things first: at this point we don’t have any in-person events on the calendar. This is both because we’re not able to tell the future and also because our virtual learning experiences have exceeded expectations. It has been a gift to welcome so many more people into our community than would have otherwise been able to work with us if we were limited to in-person experiences. This year, we’ve had folks from over 40 countries attend our virtual offerings!

As we have moved into virtual learning across our world, so many emails and offers of the “webinar you HAVE to catch” or the “class that will make it all easier” have fallen flat. Bright Morning has put together meaningful online learning with careful thoughtfulness and professional execution that accomplishes their mission. My learning was personalized and encouraged professional growth with a balance of synchronous and asynchronous experiences as well as awareness of my needs as an adult learner with a busy life! Thank you!

Laura H. virtual AOC 101 participant

That said, we know there is something special that occurs when we come together in person with some distance from our daily realities. Once it is safe to do so again we fully expect to add in-person offerings. However, these will be in addition to our virtual offerings and not in place of them. Now that we’ve experienced the power of virtual learning experiences we have no plans to eliminate them!

Nine New Offerings to Better Meet Your Needs

2020 provided us the ability to try out new offerings in response to your needs. Here are the nine new offerings we’re excited to share with you:

  • Coaching for Equity Book Club: Coaching for Equity made its debut in 2020 and it didn’t take long for requests to come in for a book club for this essential text. The great success of the Onward Book Club combined with our unshakable commitment equity made this offering a must. To ensure that anyone who is committed to meeting the needs of every student every day has the opportunity to learn in a supportive community, we’re making the first book club free of charge. Grab your copy and get registered – space is limited and meetings kick off in January! 
  • Taste of Transformational Coaching: For those brand new to Transformational Coaching, this three hour introductory session provides an overview, a coaching demonstration and a short block of time to practice with concepts. A perfect toe-dip into our model. 
  • Art of Coaching Masterclass: For those with a solid foundation in Transformational Coaching this Masterclass fulfills the two asks we’ve received most often: 1) more opportunities to learn in community, and 2) diving deeper into the many tools shared in Elena’s second(!) book of 2020, The Art of Coaching Workbook. This month-long offering based on The Art of Coaching Workbook allows you to co-create a powerful community while practicing key coaching skills. 
  • Cultivating Resilience Intensive: In October of 2020 we offered a month-long Power Strategies of Resilience. It met participant needs in a profound way and we knew we needed to share this content more broadly. The new Cultivating Resilience Intensive will be offered during the notorious “slump” months of February and October and will provide participants with a power punch week-long of learning. 
  • The Art of Coaching Teams Masterclass: It’s hard to overstate the importance of strong leadership. And leadership, like any other skill, requires constant learning. In 2020 we introduced several new offerings designed for positional leaders and in 2021 we’re adding one more! The Art of Coaching Teams Masterclass provides participants the opportunity to dive deep into challenging aspects of leading teams including facilitating conflict, navigating resistance and making decisions equitably and responsibly. 
  • Friends of the Bright Morning Podcast: Every Monday is a little brighter when the Bright Morning Podcast hits your feed and in 2021 we’re introducing more ways for listeners to learn with Elena – from extra episodes to monthly chats…and some great swag. Learn more here.
  • Memberships: We’ve saved the best for last! We are giddy about our new membership options: 
    • On-Demand: get unlimited access to our full collection of online courses and recorded sessions of the 2020 Coach’s Toolkit and Leading in Times of Crisis Summits through 12/31/21.
    • All-Inclusive: everything in the On-Demand Membership and unlimited access to all of our virtual-live paid offerings, online and on-demand courses through 12/31/21. 
    • All-Inclusive+: Everything in our All-Inclusive Membership as well as unprecedented access to Elena, including two monthly virtual-live gatherings. You’ll also receive great Bright Morning swag (not available for purchase) and be able to register for learning experiences before registration opens to the public. 

Read on to learn more about memberships!

For the First Time: A Year of Unlimited Learning

For years, we’ve seen the greatest transformational growth happen with those who take part in multiple learning experiences. We’ve also felt the tension of tightening budgets and challenging professional development fund approval processes that have prevented eager learners from continuing to engage with us at the levels they would like. In 2020 a small group of our community members took part in a pilot designed to address these pain-points and needs: an all-inclusive membership. The results overwhelmed us and we knew this was something we had to make widely available. Read all about this exciting opportunity, compare membership options, and find the one that best meets your needs here.

The Workshop Formerly Known As…

If you’re familiar with our current offerings you’ll notice some new naming conventions on the 2021 calendar. Here are the workshops that received an update:

  • Coaching Catapult is now Transformational Coaching Intensive 
  • Essentials of the Art of Coaching is now The Art of Coaching 101 
  • Interrupting Inequities 101 is now Coaching for Equity 101 
  • Equity Leadership Summit is now Equity Leadership Intensive 
  • The Art of Coaching Teams is now The Art of Coaching Teams 101

While this change might cause some initial getting used to, we’re certain it will make things easier in the long run as we will now have just five types of trainings, following the same conventions, so you know what to expect:

  • Book Clubs to help you process in community 
  • Tastes of to sample our content 
  • 101s to establish a solid foundation
  • Masterclasses to expand your skills 
  • Intensives to refine your craft

Quarterly Registration

To ensure we can be as responsive as possible to your needs we will be releasing dates for upcoming events and opening registration on a quarterly basis. December 7th, 2020 kicks off registration for the first quarter of 2021 (January through March). Here are the other dates to mark on your calendar:

  • February 8th, 2021: Registration opens for April – June offerings 
  • April 12, 2021: Registration opens for July – September offerings 
  • June 14, 2021: Registration opens for October – December offerings

Note: All-Inclusive+ Members will be able to register one week before the registration window opens to the general public.

The Year at a Glance

As noted above, we’ll be releasing specific session dates on a quarterly basis, but for the planners out there, here is what to expect by month in 2021:

What’s Not on the Calendar

So many new offerings means we needed to retire a few to make room. The following won’t be offered as open enrollment learning experiences in 2021:

  • Find Your Purpose Life Coaching 
  • Becoming a Writer
  • Coach Foundation Summit 
  • Coach’s Toolkit Summit (the On-demand version of this experience is included in all membership options and is also available for purchase a la carte) 
  • Leading in Times of Crisis Summit (the On-demand version of this experience is included in all membership options and is also available for purchase a la carte)

Even More on the Bright Morning Podcast

We surprised ourselves by launching the Bright Morning Podcast in June, and each week it has been a source of love and inspiration for our team and listeners. As mentioned above, we’re expanding engagement opportunities via the podcast with bonus access for Friends of the Show. We’ll also be introducing new episode types throughout the year starting with a new episode to kick-off each season (quarterly) where Elena will share wisdom for the months ahead and provide timely guidance for making every conversation count. Make sure you’re subscribed (and please rate and review us!) so you don’t miss out!

Our Continued Gratitude for You

One thing that isn’t new, but that is stronger than ever, is our immense gratitude for our Bright Morning community. 2020 was an exceptionally challenging year for small businesses and we’re still here, able to bring even more learning experiences into the world because of your support and commitment to your learning. A heartfelt thank you from our small and mighty team to all of you!

You’re All Caught Up…Now Go Explore!