All-Inclusive Membership

The full Bright Morning 2021 catalogue of offerings, yours for the taking.


You have a vision for how your conversations, your coaching, and your leadership can transform your relationships, your organization and your impact.

You know achieving that vision requires learning and refining your practice. You crave the guidance of experts and the support of a like-minded community.

Our All-Inclusive Membership is designed to make your vision a reality.

Transformational Coaching and leadership is an art form that requires constant learning and evolving of one’s practice.

For years we have seen the most transformational growth happen with our participants who take part in multiple learning experiences. We’ve also felt the tension of tightening budgets and challenging professional development fund approval processes that have prevented eager learners from continuing to engage with us at the levels they would like. In 2020 a small group of our community members took part in a pilot designed to address these painpoints and needs: an all-inclusive membership. The results overwhelmed us and we knew this was something we had to make widely available.

Simply put, your Bright Morning All-Inclusive membership provides you with an all-inclusive pass to take part in as many of our public paid offerings, whether virtual-live or on-demand, as you’d like for the entire 2021 calendar year.

Virtual-live, online, on-demand – they are all included.

Purchase All-Inclusive Memberships for your entire team and engage together in sustained and meaningful shared learning experiences throughout the calendar year.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that no one can predict the future.

This membership puts you firmly in control of your own learning. With all the flexibility and freedom to meet your unique needs…no matter how they might evolve.

What’s Included

Your All-Inclusive Membership includes access to the following virtual-live offerings:

  • Taste of Transformational Coaching
  • Art of Coaching 101
  • Art of Coaching Masterclass
  • Transformational Coaching Intensive
  • Art of Coaching Teams 101
  • Art of Coaching Teams Masterclass
  • Coaching for Equity 101
  • Coaching for Equity Masterclass
  • Equity Leadership Intensive
  • Onward Yearlong Book Club
  • Cultivating Resilience Intensive
  • Artful Design and Facilitation Masterclass

Your All-Inclusive Membership includes access to the following on-demand offerings:

  • The Art of Building Trusting Coaching Relationships
  • The Art of Coaching Emotions
  • The Art of Coaching Across Racial Difference
  • On-Demand Coach’s Toolkit Virtual Summit [recordings from 2020 virtual-live event]
  • On-Demand Leading in Times of Crisis Summit [recordings from 2020 virtual-live event]
  • Cultivating Resilient Communities During a Crisis

Who is this for

Anyone ready to transform their leadership and/or coaching practice




Unlimited access through December 31, 2021


This incredible package valued at over $6,500 is yours for a one-time investment of $1,995

What People Say

I purchased an All-Inclusive membership this year. My work to becoming a better coach has started with examining myself first, which has been amazing and supportive in my work with others. Elena and her team’s work both online and in live workshops supports and validates the readings in her books and workbooks. I would recommend anyone or school district in supporting this as an option for PD that is systematic and ongoing – allowing for the work to be utilized immediately within a coaching practice and school organization.

Ann F.

As instructional coaches and educational leaders reading this know, coaching and leading adults, in the best of circumstances, is complex work that requires a robust repertoire of tools and resources. In my experience, Bright Morning has always provided relevant, applicable, “just in time” tools that have enabled me to build my practice on solid ground. In spite of my years of practice and training, when the pandemic started, I felt the work of coaching adults through an event that I had no experience with, was an insurmountable challenge. Then something great happened. Bright Morning contacted me and offered a 12 month membership that would grant me open access to all of their courses for one flat rate.

Needless to say, my Bright Morning Membership has been the silver lining of 2020. This offer has paid- off exponentially (in every way you can imagine). Because I have open access to all courses and training, I’ve been able to dig into multiple dimensions of my coaching practice and my own personal growth. As a result, I approach scheduling my Bright Morning learning experiences this year, the same way I approach scheduling a massage or hair appointment; I know I’ll need it, so…why not? This work is essential. The tools I’ve learned to use here have proven to be equally essential. And, I get to take advantage of as many as I need. Since August, I’ve participated in Coaching for Equity 2-day workshop, Power Strategies of Resilience, Artful Design and Facilitation Summit, and I even took part in a 10 week Find Your Purpose and Thrive Course. I am planning to take part in at least 4 more learning opportunities before my membership expires. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

All learning experiences have added a new layer of understanding for me. Each experience complements the other; all pieces fit together. I’ve prioritized my learning through Bright Morning because it’s the only thing that makes sense at this moment and it’s the only thing that is helping me make sense of the world at the moment. Now that I’ve experienced the benefits of a year-long membership, I really can’t imagine going back to a “once a year professional development” approach.

Yvonne V.

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