The Art of Coaching Masterclass

Deepen your coaching practice and co-create community through our transformational workbook study and practice experience


Maybe you read The Art of Coaching a few years ago; maybe you’ve even attended an in‐person or virtual workshop. You’ve got the basics down, and you’re ready to take your coaching to the next level. If so, we’ve got you. In the Art of Coaching Masterclass you will explore and practice using the resources, tools, and exercises exclusively found in The Art of Coaching Workbook—and that are designed to extend a coach’s skills beyond what’s in The Art of Coaching.

Participants will engage in exercises in the workbook as pre-work; when we come together, we will share wisdom, experiences, and insights; and practice coaching skills in a supportive community where we challenge one another to learn and grow. You will leave this workshop with increased confidence to making every conversation count—and toward creating a more just and equitable world.


Participants will:

  • Build a learning community through discussions, activities, and practice with The Art of Coaching Workbook
  • Deepen their definition of Transformational Coaching through intentional practice and coaching one another
  • Hone their skills as coaches for equity
  • Learn how to make the most of The Art of Coaching Workbook with our schools/organizations by modeling the practices we hope to foster in our communities
  • Have fun and experience joy in a supportive, brave, nurturing community

Activities include

  • Peer coaching
  • Small group discussions
  • Individual and collective reflection
  • Practice with activities from The Art of Coaching Workbook

Who should attend

Coaches and those of you who lead, manage, or coach coaches. Positional leaders who use coaching skills as part of their practice.

Prerequisites and course materials

Participation in The Art of Coaching 101 is required prior to registering for the Art of Coaching Masterclass. Participants must also have their own copy of The Art of Coaching and The Art of Coaching Workbook to participate; these books are required and are not included in the registration fee for this series.


This learning experience is comprised of 6 sessions. Each session is 2 hours long, totaling 12 hours of virtual-live learning.

All sessions will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch at a later time. Course access is available for up to 30 days after the last virtual-live session to help supplement learning.

What People Say

A key take-away for me is to ask more questions, stay curious, and be open. The need for authentic and compassionate conversation is not a role-specific skill – it is a humanity skill. I loved this experience and would recommend it to anyone. It’s about coaching but just as much it as about being human. Anyone would benefit and find value from this. The experience was so valuable, so rich, so powerful – I honestly might do it again!


Truly, every minute feels purposeful, rich with learning and opportunities for engagement. Lori’s explanations and scaffolds support learning all along the way and invite me to return to glean from her and colleagues’ ideas shared.

workshop participant