Artful Design and Facilitation 101

Establish a strong foundation for designing and facilitating meaningful professional learning and community


Leading adults can be challenging work. Leading adults can also be joyful and inspiring—especially when we are able to draw upon the habits that lead to transformative learning. In this two-day workshop, you will learn the foundational habits of Artful Design and Facilitation and what it takes to create adult learning spaces where participants feel seen, cared for, challenged, and excited to learn. Drawing from Elena Aguilar and Lori Cohen’s book, The PD Book: 7 Habits that Transform Professional Developmentyou’ll learn about a process to determine the purpose of your sessions, how to design agendas with clear outcomes and principles of adult learning in mind, how to facilitate intentionally, and how to assess learning for impact.

This workshop is right for you if:

  • You are newer to leading teams or facilitating adult learning
  • You are wondering how to design engaging learning experiences that contribute to transformation
  • You are interested in learning the foundational habits and skills for meeting and professional learning spaces


Participants will:

  • Design purposeful agendas aligned with principles of adult learning
  • Cultivate optimal conditions for learning and growth
  • Refine your communication and facilitation skills
  • Identify ways to assess the impact of professional learning

Activities include

  • Individual reflection
  • A process to determine purpose
  • Agenda design and feedback work
  • Role play practice
  • Small and whole-group interactions
  • Action planning

Who should attend

Anyone who designs and facilitates adult learning for schools, districts, or educational-adjacent organizations

Course Materials


This two-day learning experience includes four learning blocks at two hours each, totaling to 8 hours of virtual-live learning. The workshop requires about 60 minutes of pre-work to complete before the virtual engagement.

​All virtual-live sessions (except breakouts) will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch at a later time. Participants have access to content for 30 days after the learning experience.

What People Say

This workshop both challenged and affirmed me as a facilitator. It confirmed what I know to be best practice and offered new strategies and learning to help me continue to grow my practice.


Great opportunity to leaders at all levels to sharpen facilitation and meeting design skills. I enjoyed the facilitators and learned new concepts.